• Who should be the applicant for doctorate research?
    The doctorate candidate his/herself must be the applicant
  • Who should be the applicant for an institution?
    The head of the institution, although the primary investigator must not be the head of the institution.
  • Is there any age limit to apply?
  • As a university staff who registered as doctorate student in a different university, from which institution should I apply?
    You should apply from the unversity where you are registered as student
  • Is there a ways for S2 and S1 students to get the grant?
    Yes. They can be in a research team, whereby the PI is a doctorate student or a lecturer
  • Does the topic has to be directly related to nutritional status? And nutritional status have to be measured?
    No, it doesn't have to be. When the proposal is not directly related to nutritional status, the applicant have to show the relationship and/or benefit for human nutrition
  • Can research on traditional food be included?
    Yes. What is evaluated is the research matter. The topic of traditional food is in line with our theme.
  • Is it alright to sub-focus on one topic ?
  • Do the proposals have to be related to food or foodstuff
    No. Nutrition can be related to other aspects also, including anthropology and economy
  • What is the chance of winning for proposal outside this year’s sub-theme?
    The chance is still good. The selection depends on quality of proposals submitted on that year.
  • Can we have information on the items that will be evaluated?
    We will put general information on the topics that will be evaluated in the website
  • Is ethical clearance for non-human research necessary?
  • Will the topic not included in the main topic or priorty be considered?
    Yes, it will. Basically DII accepts all topics as mentioned in our Scope of Research, however, we also create sub-themes and priority topics to attract specific interest
  • Does the proposal have to always relate to human nutrition - can a proposal related to animal nutrition be considered?
    Yes, a proposal researching about annimal nutrition may be considered when it is clearly stated that the study will benefit human beings
  • Is the selection mechanism based on location/area or based on objective?
    base on quality of the proposal
  • How is the selection process?
    Proposals are reviewed for completion of documents. Then they are substantially screened by DII Scientific members and forwarded to expert reviewers. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to present their proposals as final screening
  • What if ethical clearance is not yet ready when the proposal is submitted?
    In MoH and maybe in other instution, in order to ask for ethical clearance, we have to have research protocol first and or guarantee of funding. Ethical clearance can be submitted later, as long as it is before grant disbursement.
  • Is ethical clearance needed for laboratory experiment also?
  • Is there any specific institution where we must get the ethical clearance?
    No. Ethical clearance from your own institution is acceptable. If there is no ethical committee in your institution, then you may use other institution
  • What if the software used in the institution is not legal?
    The use of legal software is a must. One alternative is to connect to the computer department to get access to legal software in your institution
  • How do you guarantee confidentiality of the proposal?
    The reviewers have to sign statement letter agreeing that they will keep the content of the proposals to themselves. DII secretariat will keep the proposals in confidential matter
  • Will the identity of the applicant be known to the reviewers?
    No, the secretariat will hide the identity of the applicant to guarantee objective review. Reviewers will only know the applicant when he/she is called for presentation of the proposal
  • If called for presentation, will the presentation have to be in English?
    The presentation can be in Indonesian, but the slides have to be in English
  • Who should sign the contract for institutional research? - PI or Head of the institution?
    The PI will sign the contract, acknowledged by the Head of the institution
  • Do you have a sample of proposal?
    No, we do not provide sample of proposal. We provide only the outline and guideline on how to write the proposal. The items are similar to proposals in general
  • Where can we get further information?
    You can visit our website at www.danonenutrindo.org, whereby you can download the application forms and read all the instructions for proposal writing
  • Can we send proposal via email?
    No. Proposal via email will be directly rejected. DII requires 4 hard copies of the proposal, which will then evaluated by 3 reviewers.


  • What type of journal can be accepted?
    Any international journal. We have a list of tentative journal in the website
  • Is there any technical assistance to the journal publication
    No, at the moment there is none. The process of acceptance from the journal is the responsibility of the authors. DII can help in financing the publication only.


  • Is there a limit on the number of year that can be financed?
    Maximum 3 years
  • Can a proposal on community development be funded?
    Yes, when it has research content in it
  • Can the purchase of software be funded?
  • Can action research be funded?
    Yes. Action research is a type of methodology. What is important is the research topic and the proposal.
  • Can meta-analysis type of proposal be funded?
  • Can a literature study type of proposal be funded?
    No, If it is only literature study. Literature study is supposedly part of a complete proposal
  • Is there budget limit to a proposal?
    No. The amount approved will depend on the type of proposal, yearly budget allocation and quality of proposal submitted for that year
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