Asian Congress of Nutrition (ACN), May 2015 in Yokohama

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Nutrition and Food for Longevity: For the Well-Being of All
14 – 18 May 2015
Yokohama, Japan

In this year, Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science, Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS) was appointed to carry out the Asian Congress of Nutrition. ACN 2015 will be held in Pacifico Yokohama on 14 – 18 May 2015. The total number of attendees expected to participate in this Congress is nearly 20.000.

The goal of this congress is to encourage among food and nutrition researchers in Asia. Nowadays, the science of food and nutrition has had a drastic role change and nutrition and food scientists should take a note of the health trends, environmental concerns, and the changing economic climate. In developing countries, the problems of famine and malnutrition are still a huge burden, while in developing countries, the increament of prevalence in obesity and lifestyle-related diseases has become a major issue, and the public concern has shifted from deficiency to over-nutrition during the last half century.

Therefore, in this Asian Congress of Nutrition 2015, several talented researchers will present their researches either oral or poster presentations. Besides, the scientific program of the Congress consisted of symposia and workshops including invitational plenary sessions, special lectures and debates on the current problems of human nutrition and food sciences.

In this congress, several Scientific Members of Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation will be attended to present their researches in ACN 2015. The Scientific Members are:

  • Inggrid S. Surono, MSc., Ph.D

    Zinc Enriched Probiotic Improve Immune Function and Bioavailability of Nutrients in Young Children

    Ingrid S Surono, Pratiwi D Martono, Satomi Kameo, Mutakin, Hiroshi Koyama

    Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Engineering, BINUS University,
    Alam Sutera Campus, Tangerang-Indonesia, phone : +62-21-5345830; Fax : +62-21-5300244
    e-mail address : isurono@binus.edu

    Faculty of Medicine, Indonesian Christian University, Jl. Mayjen Sutoyo 13630, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Department of Public Health, Gunma University, Graduate School of Medicine, 39-22 Showa-machi 3-chome, Maebashi, Gunma 371- 8511, Japan

    Faculty of Pharmacy, Pajajaran University, Jatinangor, Sumedang, Indonesia


  • Prof. Hardinsyah, MS., Ph.D

  • Idrus Jus'at, MSc., Ph.D

    Nutritional Status, Energy and BCAA Intakes of School Children in East Java, Indonesia.

    Lilis Komariah, Idrus Jus'at, Mury Kuswari, Erry Yudhya Mulyani, Rachmanida Nuzrina
    Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Health Sciences, Esa Unggul University, Jakart


  • Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, MSc., MS., Sp.GK

    Profil of peptida YY, ghrelin, hunger, satiety and ad libitum intake of obes and non Obes Indonesian women: Preliminary study

    Fiastuti Witjaksono

    Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia


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